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Preventive Natural Dentistry

It is oral cleaning or prophylaxis using natural products that are scientifically approved for their effectiveness in preventing and intraoral balance.

Oral health is directly related to the body as a whole. A healthy mouth is also the result of a lifestyle that values mindfulness of body, mind, and energies. For example, for your oral heath, brushing your teeth three times a day it does not solved if you don't allow yourself to listen to your body, pause, breathe, releasing everyday stress.  


Many scientific studies already prove that stress is directly related to periodontal diseases, which is the imbalance in the supporting structures of the teeth and the entire oral cavity.

Therefore, it is impossible to prevent and maintain oral health in isolation from the body and without observing each human being more broadly.


Why Natural Dentistry?

Scientific literature increasingly proves the effectiveness of herbal medicine for the prevention and balance of the body as a whole. Phytotherapy is the science that studies natural products, originating from plants, to prevent and treat illnesses and physical and emotional imbalances.


The most in-depth studies of Phytotherapy also cover the field of Dentistry. The effects of fluorine and other substances commonly used in Dentistry are compared with some natural products. And most of the results prove the similar effectiveness of some natural products compared to dental products.


Furthermore, research has also led to the conclusion that some natural products have greater therapeutic activity, less toxicity and better biocompatibility than conventional dental products.

Important note: 

Natural and Preventive Dentistry does not disregard the importance of many commonly used dental products.

Intraoral cleaning in a natural way

it's mainly for those who choose

or do not want to give up

from the use of natural products

for the care of your body.

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Some references from the scientific literature:

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