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How does it work?


With Take Care of Yourself Integrally , you will experience:  

  • Simplify the way to experience self-care, with the most natural beauty experience, using accessible products that you already have at home or easily purchased.  With simple and personalized recipes, you will learn not only how to use them, but  When  use them, feeling and listening to your body intuitively.

  • Perceive your own body in a subtle way, even before it "screams" for help, to renew yourself integrally through simple prevention methods for you to experience in your daily life.  


  • Look at yourself with autonomy, making better choices for yourself through intuitive and integral self-care. This will re-evaluate your self-image and how you express yourself in the world.  


  • Allow a more qualitative and balanced relationship with your own body, through intuitive and integral self-care experiences, which stimulate the sensory and the holistic.


Mulher minimalista com seu autocuidado integral

Important note:  

This mentoring is not intended to carry out a specific treatment, as this requires a face-to-face assessment for better planning. But the experience of integral and intuitive self-care is essential for the balance of any type of treatment. 

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