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Aline Bitencourt de Albuquerque

  • Odontóloga

  • Graduanda de Ciência da Felicidade

  • Terapeuta Integrativa

(área da saúde integrativa, autocuidado integral, autoconhecimento)

  • Facilitadora da Nova Energia

(Mentoria online Cuide-se Integralmente, Curso online O Encontro dos Eus, DreamWalker de Morte)

  • Criadora de Cosméticos Naturais Artesanais (Cosméticos Naturais Cuide-se!)

The Facilitator Aline Bitencourt


I started my interest in self-care in adolescence when I started researching selfcare, sharing my knowledge with ease with my family and friends.


I've been a dentist since 2002, a profession that improved my passion for details, the search for aesthetic harmony in everything I create and organize.


But it was in 2008, when I experienced intense personal transformations, that aesthetics began to combine with self-knowledge, starting my interest in Integrative and Intuitive Aesthetics.


At this time, I lived in Europe for a few months to dedicate myself to training courses aimed at self-knowledge. So, I started to listen to myself, to see myself and to perceive myself in an intuitive way, simplifying the way to deal with myself and my own life. I stopped working in Dentistry for 7 years, period in which I presented  workshops and facilitations throughout Brazil.

I've been a facilitator of self-knowledge workshops since 2009. I was a certified teacher by the Crimson Circle New Energy Company from 2009 to 2012. And in 2012 I created my own course and also an online course.


With these trainings, in 2015, I returned to work in Dentistry and went deeper into Functional Aesthetics and Well-Being, a postgraduate course that helped to broaden my intuitive, integrative and natural perspective in working with aesthetics.


I am the creator of the online mentorship Take Care of Yourself Integrally , where I facilitate and share my knowledge and experiences in the area of Aesthetics and Self-knowledge.  

Based on my training in Cosmetology, I created the Cuide-se! store - where I develop and experience the alchemy of handcrafted natural cosmetics.

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