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Flor de lótus com sete pétalas simbolizando cuide-se integralmente.


Cuide-se! (Take Care of Yourself!)  is a store of natural cosmetics carefully handmade with noble and certified ingredients.


It was created from the desire to invite you to the experience of self-care in a simple and pleasurable way.  

Simple because it inspires you not to need many products; most of them are multifunctional: can be used on the face, eye area, lips, hair, body...  

It's a pleasurable way because it uses gentle, aromatic ingredients that flow and are easily absorbed into your body.  

As you apply handmade natural cosmetics, you can also begin to notice how your body responds, expressing itself with vigor and its natural texture. Your body's needs may also begin to change, as may how often you use these cosmetics. And you may find that your body will function in a more balanced way.


How about starting to communicate with your own body in a clearer, simpler and more natural way?  

Allow yourself. Try it. Take care of yourself!  Cuide-se!

All cosmetics Cuide-se! are vegan.

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(*No valor a partir de R$ 144,00)

Available products


"The enchantment begins with the service. Aline is very special. She explained to me about each product very carefully. (...) I'm loving the texture of my skin. I became a customer and a fan. I highly recommend it!"

Tsukie Takagi

(Sao Paulo-SP)

"Excellent quality of the products, in addition to using natural ingredients, which make them very healthy. I started to feel the beneficial effects with little time of use. Gratitude!!

I highly recommend it!!"

Marcia Reis

(Salvador BA)

"Loving the rosehip serum and the cream deodorant. (...) With a little bit of deodorant applied  I walk all afternoon. Great! The packaging and the box are just amazing."

Denise Mendonça

São José dos Campos, SP

"I have been using natural cosmetics from Cuide-se and I have had good results. I gave this line of products to my friend and they have also enjoyed it."

Zeze Santos

(Salvador BA)

"It was a gift!

Aline is very professional! I'm really enjoying the effects of the products.

I highly recommend! "

Marly Cavalcanti

(Belo Horizonte, MG)

"Wonderful products!" 

Aline Sarah   Reuter

(Joinville, SC)

"I bought the serum, which I liked a lot, my skin is more hydrated. But I especially loved the deodorant! Very refreshing, it gives me a comforting feeling of well-being and the good smell stays all day long. I highly recommend it!!!"

Juliana Novais

(Salvador BA)

""Amei o 1º contato, através do celular. Uma atenção impar. Comprei o hidratante e sérum. A pele agradeceu muito, com uma aparência bem viçosa. A minha filha apreciou tanto que quis um também."" 

Sandra Cavalcante Amélio

(Maceió, AL)

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