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Conscious Breathing | mindfulness

It is the permission to be present within yourself, inviting the body, the mind, the soul to be in the Now moment. Those who breathe with awareness are creating a Safe Space in a simple way. Because there's no need for some kind of specific ritual for that. It is the choice to expand within yourself, experiencing your physical body, emotions and energies with full awareness.


Some Benefits of Conscious Breathing

  • When conscious breathing becomes part of our daily lives, we renew our ideas and express ourselves more clearly.


  • When we breathe consciously and especially take a few minutes to be with ourselves, we deal with our life situations in a much simpler and more conscious way. Even if the mind wants to rush things, pressuring us to act or resolve a situation quickly, when we take a deep breath and allow ourselves to go beyond these "requests," the anxiety and fears decrease.


  • Conscious breathing helps us reach creative solutions more easily. And easy isn't about fast... It's not about taking long. It has to do with the "proper" timing.


  • When we breathe with awareness, we are allowing ourselves to rejuvenate in every way, sending a message to our body, our mind, our spirit, to all that we are: "I am choosing Life!".


  • Even though we may at first have the sensation of "feeling nothing" when we experience conscious breathing, there is a lot going on. Not feeling has a lot to do with the mind trying to validate the experience or giving a feeling of inadequacy in relation to this new experience. But, little by little, we can see that we are beginning to deal with ourselves, with people, with the world, in a clearer, lighter way.


  • Regardless of whether you notice a change or not, conscious breathing is not about expectations or about reaching a specific level of "balance." It's broader than that.  

Conscious Breathing can also be associated with other therapies such as  Aromatherapy and Auriculotherapy. And even procedures like Skin Cleansing. And it can be done in person or online.


Conscious Breathing
is an act of conscience
about yourself.
Watch the video Breathing a Gift to You​
Read and download an e-book on Conscious Breathing


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