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Desodorante natural peles sensíveis
  • Natural Deodorant in Cream | sensitive skins

    SKU: desod-sensi

    Despite its rich composition in vegetable oils and butter, it keeps the skin hydrated without leaving it oily, even in hairy underarms. Its natural antibacterial ingredients ensure odor-free underarms and feet.  Even though it has a consistent creaminess, it has a good  spreadability  and absorbs well  in the skin. And its fullness is very smooth. 


    Suitable for sensitive skin * .

    *  How is sensitive skin?

    - It is easily irritated by the use of industrialized or even natural products, as it is sensitive to some components.

    - Frequent epilation can also leave the skin  more sensitive.

    - The skin can be sensitive for many factors, not just physical. Questions  emotional  and stress are usually somatized through the skin. 

    Allow yourself to notice. Allow yourself to take care of yourself.


    It does not contain antiperspirant substances, that is, there are no substances that prevent sweating. But some components help keep the skin drier and odor free.


    Quantity: 40g 


    The cap can vary, but the amount of product always remains at  same.

    • Usage suggestion

      With the small spoon that comes with the deodorant, remove a  small amount (around a pea seed) and apply under your armpits after showering or whenever you feel the need.

      Initially, you will need to feel the optimal frequency of use, which may be higher than that of an ordinary deodorant. But as the skin adapts to the deodorant, the frequency and even the amount can change. Feel your body and respect its adaptations.

      Can also be used on feet.

    • Ingredients

      For sensitive skin: Butter from  shea,  coconut vegetable oil, white clay, corn starch (non-transgenic), essential oils of  tea tree (tea tree),  of lavender and peppermint.  Rosemary Oleoresin.

    Choose the color of the cap
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