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This is a therapeutic and analgesic method by stimuli  in the ear, which is considered a microsystem of the body. In other words, the ear is the part that represents the whole (the whole body).


There are several approaches to Auriculotherapy: Traditional Chinese Medicine, the French School and the Brazilian School, which is the combination of the first two.


The study of physiology through which Auriculotherapy works was incorporated not only into traditional Chinese medicine, but was also the subject of studies by Western medicine hospitals, working on themes such as anatomy, physiology, the nervous system, bodily fluids for the performance of several health professionals. In Brazil, Auriculotherapy is a specialty that is also part of the Integrative Health Practices (PICS) of the Unified Health System (SUS).


Its form of action is based on the movement of blood (Xue) and energy (Qi), maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang. Thus, it strengthens the energy that contributes to integral health.


The rich innervation of the ear favors therapeutic results through the use of auricular points, performed through different types of stimulation: acupuncture needles, metallic spheres, seeds, massages. Every change that takes place in an internal organ is reflected in the corresponding point in the ear.




- Women with less than 5 months of pregnancy with a history of miscarriage are not indicated for this procedure. Because from the 5th to the 9th month, certain auricular points corresponding to the ovary, uterus, abdomen, among others, cannot be stimulated.

- In malnourished people, with low physical resistance, debilitated or hypotensive, many ear points or make strong stimuli are not used, as they can cause undesirable side effects.

- When the ear is inflamed, touching it  through the Auriculotherapy points should be avoid .


Auriculotherapy is not just about placing stitches in the ear to treat a specific pathology. It's a broader therapy that also balances the emotions and the energies that also contribute to the manifestation of illnesses and physical imbalances.

Auriculotherapy and Aesthetics

In the area of Aesthetics, Auriculotherapy is an excellent ally, bringing more balance, well-being and beauty, which comes from the inside out.


For example, if someone has dark circles caused mainly by sleeping poorly, Auriculotherapy will help for a better quality of sleep. Aesthetic therapies and the use of cosmetology can also help to reduce dark circles, but they are only palliative if the sleep problem persists. This is just one example of the numerous benefits of Auriculotherapy used separately or in conjunction with other areas of health, aesthetics and well-being.


An assessment is carried out to diagnose the points to be used. The application is simple but thorough. Treatment is done for a number of sessions, usually once a week.

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