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Facial Lymphatic Drainage

This is a specialized therapy that consists of draining excess fluid from a stagnant area, through gentle, slow and relaxing pressures that follow the anatomy of the lymphatic system, improving the functions of the face.



* Stimulates the lymphatic system when it is stagnant, reducing  excess fluid (edema);

* Activates blood circulation for a better result of aesthetic procedures;

* Helps regulate the immune system, especially after surgery and more invasive cosmetic procedures;

* Eliminates metabolic waste, detoxifying the body;

* Increases skin hydration and nutrition;

* Relieves pain;

* Helps in better healing;

* Decreases stress.



* In the postoperative period of more invasive surgery and facial procedures, it helps to reduce edema (secondary lymphedema).


* In premenstrual tension and pregnancy - it helps to reduce swelling that is common during these periods, improving circulation, relieving pain and improving posture, well-being and overall health.  


* Supporting facial aesthetic treatments: acne and dermatitis treatment, revitalization and rejuvenation, scar attenuation (hypertrophic and keloid), among others.  





It is not indicated when there are some pathologies, as they can accentuate them or even spread them to other tissues:

* Severe and unmedicated bronchial asthma, 

* Acute eczema, 

* Acute infections,

* Phlebitis and acute thrombophlebitis, 

* Untreated hyperthyroidism,

* hypotension,

*  Cardiac insufficiency,

* Renal insufficiency,

* Malignant neoplasms (cancer).

Facial LD is widely used for both therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

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