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Sérum natural de jojoba
  • Multifunctional Serum | with jojoba oil

    SKU: 77jojoba

    Multifunctional serum made with vegetable oil, essential oils and  aloe  will see.   It has a fluid texture that is absorbed into the skin with gentle movements.


    vegetable oil from  jojoba and tea tree essential oil present in the composition are excellent for taking care of oily skin and also acne-prone skin. 


    It can be applied to the face, including the areas around the eyes and lips. In the body, it promotes hydration and smoothness to the skin.  It can also be used as a tip repairer or for wetting the hair and scalp. One product and many features! 


    The amount:  40 ml


    Note: The cap can vary, but the amount of product always remains the same.

    • Usage suggestion

      Apply a small amount to clean skin, after showering, with gentle movements until you feel it absorbed. Shake before using.

    • Ingredientes

      Óleo vegetal de jojoba. Extrato glicólico (glicolato) de aloe vera. Óleos essenciais de lavanda, melaleuca (tea tree) e hortelã pimenta.  Oleoresina de alecrim.

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